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Small Living Room – Best Styles Design

The beauty of a home cannot be separated from the furniture that is used to support the beauty of a room. In arranging the furniture in the room as well as in the living room, to note well that the type and size of the furniture itself. Do not get due to the use and placement of furniture that is not appropriate to make the room seem to be uncomfortable and cramped. This time I will share tips to manage and choose furniture for small living room, and may be a reference for you.


To choose furnishings that are used in a room, usually will follow the style of the room itself. As well as homes that adopt the conventional style, then can choose furniture with large size as the model house is usually more spacious. As with the minimalist homes, of course, used furnishings should not be too large because the available space is not large enough to put it. Here you are challenged how to manage a room with furnishings in good order so it looks the impression of a comfortable, chic and elegant.


We take one example of furniture that should exist in the living room is a sofa. Besides having to pay attention to the shape and size of the sofa, another thing that must be considered is the design, size and color should also be considered with the design concept of the room. You do not have to worry about looking for sofa model what would you choose, even when it has a lot of sofa models that can be adapted to the concept of the room itself to support the creation of the beautiful and elegant design of living room furnishings. Here I have prepared some tips on how to choose and arrange the furnishings in the living room, which include:

– Before buying and placing furnishings, a thing that must be considered is the concept of what we will use for the room and the spacious size of the room. For this you can choose a modern minimalist concept, nature, or other options.

– If the room has a size that is wide enough, you can choose a sofa with 3 seats. But if it does not allow you to choose a sofa with 2 chairs only.

– Note also the placement of the sofa itself to avoid the impression of a stuffy room. If sufficiently large sofa can be placed in the middle, but if the size is not large enough, it helps place the sofa in the corner of the room to get a wider angle of space.

– Choose a color that matches with sofa or that can combine the color of the carpet, the color of the curtains and the color of the living room wall, to create harmonious color combinations.

– In addition to the sofa, you can also put some other furniture for small living room such as family photos cabinets or decorative painting with a size that is not too large. In addition to paintings you can also put some other unique trinkets, but still be aware of the condition of the room.

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