Painting Old Kitchen Cabinets with 8 Steps

Painting kitchen cabinets is a simple task. But mastering the perfect gloss finish is all in the preparation work. Before the brush once it hits the wood, there should be plenty of time spent to get ready to accept the paint surface. That means true clearing, sanding, priming and every inch of the surface, or the color of the finish will not stick properly. In here we recommended step by step on how to painting old kitchen cabinets.

Repainting Kitchen Cabinets Color Ideas

Step 1: Remove the Doors and Drawers

Remove the doors and all knobs, hooks, pulls and hardware from these sections. Place the hardware, then screws it in a plastic bag in the cabinets where they’ll be easy to find when you are ready to install it back. Don’t mix them or hinge maybe not line up correctly when you reinstall them.

Step 2: Clean the Cabinet

Even if the cabinets don’t look dirty, oil and dirt have been inclined to work their way to the surface of the cabinets. Follow the instructions in the box, the mix of trisodium phosphate (TSP) and water. For wearing gloves, you have to sponge the mixtures on the both sides of the cabinet and wipe with a clean duster.

Step 3: Repairing Holes and Gouges

If your cabinets are having a hole or gouge you’ll need to fills them, if you plan to use the new hardware that are different size from the original, so you have to fill in the holes of old hardware before painting. Apply the tape to the surface of the rear door of the cupboard below the holes. Then fill the hole with wood filler. Remove again the excess with a clean duster.

Step 4: Sand it then clean the Surface

Use the block sanding the wood to preventing round over the edges of the wood. When sanding, there’s not need to remove the all old paint if there is sound and good-adhered to; just a rough surface to give new paint surface with a firm, then clean base for the better adhesion. Pay special attention to these areas is mainly used the old finish, which usually gets the most use. And also be sure to sanding the shiny areas to the remaining before each completed. Finishes maybe required rubbing with steel wool and alcohol liquid smooth.

If the old paint is peeling off in place of the original finish, do not adhere to good for wood surface. This is usually due to oily residues get under layers of paint or into the wood that can be expect in the kitchen. Sand the area to bare wood and prime with a sealer before repainting. Clean the area that will be painted with the tactics to take the residue remaining sanding.

Step 5: Apply the Primer

Use a good quality brush to apply even layer of primer-sealer to the all surfaces for ensuring a finish coat that is bound. Primer-sealer also reduces the need to sand the old finish and deglaze before repainting. Another advantage to the primer-sealer is that it provides a good basis for semi-gloss and water-based paint.

Step 6: Apply Semi-Gloss Latex Paint

Starting with painting inside the edge and the openings of the frame of the face, then paint the outer sides of cabinet, and finally paint the front frame. Next, paint the closet doors and drawer fronts, along with the pieces of wood that are separate or mold. If this section has raised or transferred features, make sure the paint flows into the cracks and corners, but does not allow it to pile up at the venue. Let the paint dry at least 4 hours between coats, and then when dry, re-sand all surfaces light to preparing for the second coats, remove all sanding dust with a clean duster, then painting again.

Step 7: Mark Placement of Hardware

If you attach a new hardware in a different place than the original, you have to use a combination square to mark the all placements of hardware on doors and drawer fronts. Slide the markers for measuring and marking with a pencil.

Step 8: Pre-Bor Then Attach the Hardware

Centering the spring punch in the mark, and pull back, then release, then pre-drill all holes marked with spring punch. Insert the screws from the rear and tighten the hardware to handle it with a screwdriver. That’s it, if you are follow this step by step on how to painting old kitchen cabinets, it will give you easier to repainting your old cabinet.

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